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What are the categories in Life Cycle Assesments (LCA)?

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These are some of the categories to measure environmental impact in an LCA (Life Cycle Assesment) and the units of measurement used.

  1.  Embodied energy  (not renewable Energy from fossil fuels): MJ
  2. Embodied energy (renewable Energy from renewable sources): MJ
  3. Greenhouse potential (emissions that contribute to climate change): kg CO2 equivalent
  4. Acidification potential (emissions that damage vegetation, buildings, aquatic life, and human health): kg SO2 equivalent
  5. Ozone depletion potential (emissions that cause thinning of the earth’s stratospheric ozone layer adversely affecting human health, natural resources and the environment): kg R11 equivalent
  6. Eutrophication potential (emissions that increase the nutrients in water or soil affecting the natural biological balance): kg phosphate equivalent
  7. Photochemical ozone creation potential (emissions of chemicals that cause smog, adversely affecting human health, ecosystems and crops): kg ethene potential
  8. Human toxicity potential (emissions of materials toxic to humans,animals or plants) kg DCB equivalent

More information about LCA and product environmental performance

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