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TacTiles – Glue free carpet tile installation

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Why would you install a ‘sustainable’ carpet tile sticking it to the floor with glue? Get rid of VOCs and ease the recycling process.

Tac Tiles - Innovative, Sustainable, Flexible

TacTiles™ present a whole new way of installing Interface carpet tiles without the need for glue. If you’ve ever wished for a more innovative, sustainable, flexible and cleaner way of fitting flooring, TacTiles™ is what you’ve been waiting for.

A little more about TacTiles™

Clear 75mm x 75mm polyester adhesive squares with coloured print
Made from PET Polyester (the same material as plastic bottles)
Developed for carpet tiles with GlasBac® and Graphlex® backings
Available in sheets of 6 or rolls of 500 connectors
Versatile and effective, with only 4-5 TacTiles™ required per m2
The perfect solution for the installation of flooring across all sectors
Suitable for all Interface carpet tiles and installation methods

TacTiles™ can contribute to Green Building certification schemes such as LEED, BREEAM, HQE and DGNB.

TacTiles™ – innovative, sustainable, flexible, clean.

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