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Our Vision

Can purpose change the world?
We think it can. And we are aiming high.

Mission Zero is about eliminating all our negative impacts by 2020.

Even if absolute zero might be unattainable, why be less ambitious?

In 1994 Interface Chairman Ray Anderson recognised that the way industry works is fundamentally unsustainable, as it uses up and throws away the Earth’s valuable natural resources with little regard for the future. Waste from industrial processes pollutes the environment, and emissions from energy use contribute to global warming. This culture cannot continue without serious environmental and social repercussions.

Ray’s epiphany revolutionised Interface’s business strategy from that day forward, and has characterised the company’s development ever since.

Our vision is to become, by 2020, the first company to be fully sustainable. In other words, our mission is to have zero negative impact. We want to work in equilibrium with the planet, which means no negative effects from our people, process, product, place or profits.

Zero secrets, full transparency with EPDs

We believe in sustainability without the fluff, in telling the full story with all the data. Detailed third party verified Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), based on a thorough life cycle assessment in line with ISO 14040 standards, enable our customers to compare products’ ingredients, energy and material resource consumption, and environmental impacts.

We think EPDs will be standard in the future for all products.