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Mission Zero Challenge: sourcing recycled raw material

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In our latest Mission Zero Milestones report, we talk about challenge number 1 : Sourcing recycled raw materials to make sustainable, closed loop products.

Replacing our virgin, petrochemically derived fibers with recycled fibers is one of the biggest challenges we are facing to achieve our Mission Zero™ goals. The transition to recycled fibers is complex, access to post consumer recycled nylon is limited and costly.

We need to change our materials, which means we need to change our supply chain.

We’re working closely with our nylon suppliers, and are pioneering a recycling system for old carpet to produce new materials.

Our recycling program, ReEntry, proves the power of this partnership. In the last two years we’ve greatly expanded our access to recycled nylon, and if we are successful here, all of the nylon we use will be postconsumer recycled nylon.

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