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Leaving Interface

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Dear friends, consultants, suppliers and sustainability professionals

I cannot believe this day has arrived – I’m leaving Interface. Yes, I’m divorcing the company that gave me a mission, the brand that my face has been a key part of, the legendary manufacturer that is much more than a carpet firm.

It’s a strange feeling; a bit sad and a bit happy. I’m melancholic about not climbing the last few metres left to the summit of Mount Sustainability in 2020, but proud when I look down the mountain and see how far Interface has come.

In eight and a half years, working with the best colleagues ever, Interface Europe has reduced, compared with 2007 metrics, the following:

  •  GHG emissions by 95% (98.5% since 1996)
  • Energy Use by 25% (45% since 1996)
  • Water use by 78% (98% since 1996)
  • Total waste by 21% and no waste to landfill since 2014

Since 2008, the year I joined, the company has also cut the average embodied carbon footprint of a carpet tile by 39%.

As a sustainability professional it’s rare to find a company that lets you influence every investment decision, gives you a voice in every new product development, asks you to transform every factory, gives you open access to every supplier and lets you challenge every raw material. I guess it’s difficult now for me to imagine what it must be like working for a company where sustainability does not need to be justified every time.

I can’t find words to express my gratitude to Interface and to those colleagues and external contacts who have been part of this journey called Mission Zero.

You will be wondering where I’m going next. I will be joining Ball, who recently acquired Rexam, as Sustainability Director for a company that makes a big chunk of the aluminium beverage cans used for Cokes, Red Bulls, various beers and many other drinks. My new email address will be and will be operational from January 9th.

For all Interface sustainability matters in Europe, you can contact The main contact for major items is our recently appointed President for Europe, Middle East and Africa, Nigel Stansfield ( The contact for media and stakeholders is




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