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Fuel Cells, a Promising Technology

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Fuel cells are a very promising technology.  They can be used in various applications such as:

  • Balancing the grid. In order to incorporate renewables into the grid, you need to manage their output which is highly variable. Fuel cells can provide stable, predictable baseload electricity, and if they are fuelled with renewable hydrogen or biogas they can offer the same low-carbon benefits as other sources of renewable energy
  • Source of uninterrupted power supply. Imagine rolling out the mobile network of base stations in a country with a patchy electricity grid. And there is no electricity access where you need the rural base stations. What do you do? Rely on diesel generators? Fuel cells are a better option.
  • Converting biogas from waste into energy. Using biogas in a fuel cell is the most efficient way to extract the energy stored within it. In fact certain fuel cell types can produce excess hydrogen when running on biogas and this hydrogen can be diverted for sale to fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) owners

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