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Top performing Asian companies in its 2015 Sustainability Ranking
Date uploaded: 07/10/2015
Channel NewsAsia announces top performing Asian companies in its 2015 Sustainability Ranking

"The Channel NewsAsia Sustainability Ranking identifies the top 100 companies in the region with the highest sustainability performance, based on a broad range of environmental, social and governance (ESG) indicators. The Ranking provides investors and consumers with insights into corporate sustainability practices, and aims to provide businesses with a way to benchmark their performance against other regional businesses."

My Plate, My Planet - Food for a Sustainable Nation
Date uploaded: 05/10/2015
My Plate, My Planet - Food for a Sustainable Nation

"This briefing presents the results of an analysis of the public comments submitted in response to the Scientific Report of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC). It finds that the body of comments overwhelmingly support the conclusions made by the Committee as to the inclusion of sustainability considerations in the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA)."

Job Creation in the Circular Economy - Increasing Resource Efficiency in Northern Ireland
Date uploaded: 30/09/2015
Job Creation in the Circular Economy - Increasing Resource Efficiency in Northern Ireland

"Throughout the report there are case studies demonstrating how local businesses, community and voluntary organisations, and the public sector have already understood the importance of the circular economy concept. But there is much more that we can do. We must work together, across government, and in partnership with business and the community, to ensure that Northern Ireland is geared up to exploit the opportunities afforded by a circular economy."

Southwire 2014 Sustainability Summary
Date uploaded: 22/09/2015
Southwire 2014 Sustainability Summary

"This pamphlet presents the highlights of our 2014 sustainability performance. Read our full sustainability report at Please contact us if you have comments or questions at"

RILA 2015 Retail Sustainability Report
Date uploaded: 16/09/2015
RILA 2015 Retail Sustainability Report

"On behalf of the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) and our member companies, we are proud to present RILA’s third Retail Sustainability Report. RILA has been providing the industry with a forum to learn about sustainability activities in the retail industry and accelerate its progress for the past nine years. This report is different from our first two Retail Sustainability Reports, published in 2012 and 2013, because its content is structured according to a tool that RILA recently developed, the Retail Sustainability Management
Maturity Model. Tools like the Maturity Model and reports like this are the cornerstone of RILA's efforts to help companies understand how they compare to others in the industry, and how they may want to progress in the future."

Understanding the UNFCCC negotiations
Date uploaded: 17/08/2015
Understanding the UNFCCC negotiations - Infographic

"A quick flick back in recent time to take a look at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in one mapped infographic via The Climate Group.

The original UN climate treaty. Established the basic framework and principles for international climate change action. Developed countries committed to take the lead with developing countries agreeing to take action with financial and technological support and as they developed. No legally emission targets agreed for any countries."

Domtar Sustainability Report 2015
Date uploaded: 11/08/2015
Domtar Sustainability Report 2015

"A North Carolina farmer increasing his crop yield while using less conventional fertilizer.
A town in Sweden keeping 250 buildings comfortable with a single heating plant using renewable fuel. A teacher in California upping the learning curve for her students by linking handwriting with information technology. Not the stories one might expect from Domtar – North America’s largest producer of uncoated freesheet paper, a global leader in pulp production and an innovative manufacturer of baby diapers and adult incontinence products. But these interconnections – the “win-wins” – are at the heart of sustainability,
just as sustainable wood fiber is the common link across Domtar’s businesses. Our employees around the world are making positive connections between our economic interests, the ecosystems upon which we depend, and the communities of which Domtar is a part. Examining the sustainability of our decisions is now a natural step in our quest to optimize our performance and enhance long-term shareholder value."

Coca Cola Sustainability Report 2014/15
Date uploaded: 29/07/2015
Coca Cola Sustainability Report 2014/15

"As we strive to refresh the world, The Coca-Cola Company and our local bottling partners are committed to creating new value for our consumers, our customers and the communities we proudly serve across more than 200 countries and territories. Every day, we get up with a passion for making a lasting, positive difference in people’s lives. As we do, we’re continuously seeking to better integrate our sustainability efforts into our daily actions. This, to us, is the secret formula for making our business more sustainable: integrating sustainability into the very heart of the enterprise, where our efforts create value for our shareowners and the wider world beyond."

Ocean Plastics Awareness Day - 22nd July
Date uploaded: 21/07/2015
Ocean Plastics Awareness Day - Letter of intent

"The Ocean Plastics Awareness Day offers NGOs, academia, local and national government and industry an opportunity to commit to exploring and delivering pilot circular economy projects that will prevent the flow of plastics to local beaches and reuse plastic waste removed by local cleansing activities."

Climate Change - A Risk Assessment
Date uploaded: 14/07/2015
Climate Change - A Risk Assessment - The Centre for Science and Policy

"None of us should be in any doubt that climate change poses a great risk. Indeed, it is remarkable that even in the run-up to a general election, the leaders of the UK’s three largest political parties came together to say that;

“Climate change is one of the most serious threats facing the world today. It is not just a threat to the environment, but also to our national and global security, to poverty eradication and economic prosperity.” "

RobecoSAM - Country Sustainability Ranking
Date uploaded: 13/07/2015
RobecoSAM - Country Sustainability Ranking

"RobecoSAM’s country sustainability framework evaluates 60 countries on a broad range of Environmental, Social and Governance factors that RobecoSAM considers to be key risk and return drivers relevant for investors. It consists of 17 indicators, each of which is based on various data series, or sub-indicators, whereby each indicator is assigned a predefined weight out of the total framework. Based on the standardized scores countries receive for each of the indicators and their corresponding weights, a country sustainability score ranging from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest, is calculated for each country. The resulting scores offer insights into the investment risks and opportunities associated with each country, and allow investors to better compare countries to each other."

SEIZING THE GLOBAL OPPORTUNITY - The 2015 New Climate Economy Report
Date uploaded: 07/07/2015
SEIZING THE GLOBAL OPPORTUNITY - The 2015 New Climate Economy Report

"The Global Commission on the Economy and Climate, and its flagship project The New Climate Economy, were set up to help governments, businesses and society make better-informed decisions on how to achieve economic prosperity and development while also addressing climate change"

Ellen MacArthur Foundation Policymaker Toolkit
Date uploaded: 02/07/2015
Ellen MacArthur Foundation Policymaker Toolkit

Business leaders and governments alike are acknowledging that continued long-term value creation requires a new economic model that is less dependent on cheap, easily accessible materials and energy, and that is able to restore and regenerate natural capital. In its research to date, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation has demonstrated that the circular economy is a clear value creation opportunity. As many policymakers become interested in this promising model, they envisage the important role they can play in creating the right enabling conditions and, as appropriate, setting direction to unlock it. This report looks at the circular economy opportunity from a country and policymaker perspective, and aims to provide policymakers with an actionable toolkit to help accelerate the transition towards the circular economy.

Ford Sustainability Report 2014/15
Date uploaded: 17/06/2015
Sustainability Report 2014/15

"We want to change how the world moves. Again.
“At Ford, mobility is about far more than motion. It is really about progress. Human progress.” – Mark Fields, President and Chief Executive Officer. Our vision is nothing less than to change the way the world moves. At Ford, we view this as the ultimate opportunity. In fact it is as big of an opportunity as when our founder put the world on wheels more than a century ago."

Sustainability Leaders The 2015 A GlobeScan/SustainAbility Survey
Date uploaded: 09/06/2015
The 2015 Sustainability Leaders - A GlobeScan/SustainAbility Survey

"The GlobeScan / SustainAbility Surveys offer a unique, collaborative platform that uses research-driven insights, including targeted surveys of the most influential thought leaders in the sustainability arena from over eighty countries, to explore the biggest sustainability challenges."

IFF 2014 Sustainability Report
Date uploaded: 26/05/2015
IFF 2014 Sustainability Report

"2014 was full of incredible milestones. We celebrated our 125th Anniversary. We launched our corporate values of passion, creativity, expertise and empowerment. And we significantly progressed against our sustainability strategy established in 2011. What has remained consistent, however, is our steadfast commitment to embedding sustainability throughout our enterprise and operations."

EC 18th European Forum on Eco-innovation
Date uploaded: 18/05/2015
EC 18th European Forum on Eco-innovation

"Spain is honored to host the 18th edition of the Eco-innovation Forum. The Forum has become an important reference in encouraging innovation not just in Europe but worldwide. It is also an opportunity to participate in other European initiatives linked to innovation and the environment: the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) and Environmental Technology Verification (ETV)."

Cummins’ 2014-2015 Sustainability Progress Report
Date uploaded: 18/05/2015
Cummins’ 2014-2015 Sustainability Progress Report

"Cummins’ 2014-2015 Sustainability Progress Report is presented in the spirit of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The GRI’s goal is to develop a consistent way for companies across the globe to voluntarily report on their environmental, social and economic performance. The report reflects Cummins’ broad view of sustainability, including safety, diversity, employee development and governance in addition to the Company’s environmental initiatives, its community service programs and Cummins’ financial performance"

The Stretch Agenda - Breakthrough in the Boardroom
Date uploaded: 12/05/2015
The Stretch Agenda - Breakthrough in the Boardroom - Volans & Generation Foundation

You are a leader. You see change as a business imperative. You were taught that business
is not in business to save the world, but you suspect that it will have no choice but to break through to new forms of value creation. The key questions for you are no longer whether and why, but what, how, where and when?

Circular Economy Strategy
Date uploaded: 11/05/2015
European Commission - Circular Economy Strategy

This initiative is meant as a direct contribution to the objectives pursued to give a new boost for Jobs,Growth and Investment and placed within the wider context of the Commission's commitment towards sustainable development. Moreover, eco-industries and eco-innovation currently supply a third of the global market for green technologies, worth a trillion euro and expected to double by 2020. This initiative aims to reinforce this trend, thus contributing to green growth and to other EU priorities such as the work towards developing a Resilient Energy Union with a Forward-Looking Climate Change Policy.

Volvo's 2014 Sustainability Report
Date uploaded: 27/03/2015
Volvo's 2014 Sustainability Report:

"During 2014, many important steps in the area of sustainability were taken. The Volvo Group’s commitment to sustainability includes the environmental, social and economic dimensions and it starts with our customer offering. Our extensive product renewal gave us a very competitive product range, with excellent fuel efficiency and safety solutions that support our customers in their daily work and at the same time reduce the environmental impact. "

Date uploaded: 24/03/2015

"Crocs is a leader in the global casual lifestyle footwear market, with more than 50 million pairs of shoes sold worldwide annually. As a leader, we recognize the connections surrounding our care for the environment demonstrated by our responsible use of natural resources such as energy and water, our robust social compliance practices and our long-term success."

Date uploaded: 23/03/2015
DELIVERING RESOURCE-EFFICIENT PRODUCTS - How Ecodesign can drive a circular economy in Europe - EEB

"The intensive use of natural resources worldwide is leading to rising and volatile resource
prices. It has also caused severe environmental damage.The International Resource Panel (IPR) of the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) has warned that, by 2050, our current production and consumption patterns, along with increases to the world’s population and prosperity, will see humanity’s annual consumption of minerals, fossil fuels and biomass reach 140 billion tonnes. This is more than twice the level of today’s consumption at 60 billion tonnes."

The European #Environment - Status and Outlook 2015
Date uploaded: 16/03/2015
The European #Environment - Status and Outlook 2015 - EEA

"In 2015, Europe stands roughly halfway between the initiation of EU environmental policy in the early 1970s and the EU's 2050 vision of 'living well within the limits of the planet' . Underlying this vision is a recognition that Europe's economic prosperity and well-being is intrinsically linked to its natural environment from fertile soils to clean air and water."

An Economy That Works
Date uploaded: 13/03/2015
An Economy That Works - (AETW alliance was set up by the Aldersgate Group in 2014)

"In order to ensure that we achieve an economy that works and to know that we are heading in the right direction, it is critical that there are clear headline indicators in place to measure progress along the key characteristics of An Economy That Works (AETW), in addition to GDP growth."

Resource 2015 Great Big Circular Economy Survey 2015
Date uploaded: 11/03/2015
Resource 2015 Great Big Circular Economy Survey 2015

"The survey was completed by experts, professionals and students with an interest
in the practicalities and principles of circular business models. The majority worked in waste and resource management, manufacturing, consultancy and think tanks, further education and research. The wide variety of respondents demonstrates the vital role that everyone has to play in the future of circular business models."

SOER 2015 - The European environment state and outlook report
Date uploaded: 04/03/2015
SOER 2015 - The European environment state and outlook report

"The synthesis report informs future European environmental policy in general and its implementation between 2015 and 2020 in particular. It includes a reflection on the European environment in a global context, as well as chapters summarising the state of, trends in, and prospects for the environment in Europe."

Date uploaded: 03/03/2015

"We have lived in a linear, take-make-use- dispose economy since the start of the industrial revolution, albeit with an increasing emphasis on end of life recycling. Given the growing pressures on global resource use, it is clear that the time has come to do things differently and shift to a more resource efficient system based on the circular economy. However, the challenge of breaking the habit of generations should not be underestimated. Confidence is going to be key because real money, jobs and businesses are at stake. The transition must be done in a way that is supported by investors, grows markets and maintains the viability of business."

MITSMR BGC UNGC Sustainability 2015
Date uploaded: 24/02/2015

"The importance of sustainability as a business issue has steadily grown over the past two decades. Most businesses understand that their sustained success de- pends upon the economic, social and ecological contexts in which they operate. But the stability of those contexts can no longer be taken for granted. The physical environment is becoming more unpredictable, a more interconnected global economy is altering social conditions, and technological innovation is transforming the nature of consumption and production."

Arcadis - Sustainable Cities Index
Date uploaded: 11/02/2015
Arcadis - Sustainable Cities Index.

"Our world is changing at a faster pace than ever before. Rapidly developing technology, population growth and the emergence of a truly global economy mean that the notion of national borders has become increasingly less relevant while the concept of the ‘global city’ has swiftly taken hold. As our planet continues to evolve, people will continue to flock to its busy, dynamic and imposing urban centers. Urban migration is now very much the norm. Love them or avoid them, we are now entering the Age of the City."

Stranded Carbon Assets and Negative Emissions Technologies Working Paper
Date uploaded: 09/02/2015
Stranded Carbon Assets and Negative Emissions Technologies Working Paper - University of Oxford’s Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment.

"The Stranded Assets Programme at the University of Oxford’s Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment was established in 2012 to understand environment-related risks driving asset stranding in different sectors and systemically. We research the materiality of environment-related risks over time, how different risks might be interrelated, and the potential impacts of stranded assets on investors, businesses, regulators, and policymakers. We also work with partners to develop strategies to manage the consequences of environment-related risks and stranded assets."

Date uploaded: 03/02/2015

Technology has been incredibly effective at increasing productivity and reducing operating costs for the enterprise. Companies use advanced soft- ware systems across every business function to track and analyze data, forecast trends, maintain a competitive edge and, ultimately, make each of us more productive.

Employment and the circular economy - Job creation in a more resource efficient Britain
Date uploaded: 02/02/2015
Employment and the circular economy - Job creation in a more resource efficient Britain via WRAP and The Green Alliance.

"Britain faces huge economic challenges in its use of labour and scarce natural resources. Although unemployment is now falling, the risk of being out of work is higher in some regions and for some types of occupations. While Britain has significantly increased its resource efficiency in recent years, supply risks in an increasingly competitive global economy mean that we need to get better at using natural resources.1 The analysis in this study shows that these challenges are linked, as improving our resource efficiency can make a valuable contribution to improving Britain’s labour market situation."

Deforestation Free Supply Chains - CDP
Date uploaded: 29/01/2015
Deforestation Free Supply Chains - CDP

"Forests are critical for keeping the global average temperature rise below 2°C, providing one of the cheapest and most effective ways of removing carbon from the atmosphere and therefore mitigating climate change. In the past few decades the world’s forests, two-thirds of which are managed by humans, have absorbed nearly a third of the annual CO2 released into the atmosphere from fossil fuels."

RobecoSAM Sustainability Yearbook 2015
Date uploaded: 19/01/2015
RobecoSAM Sustainability Yearbook 2015

Over the last few years, a number of initiatives have encouraged a transition towards the standardization and integration of sustainability reporting into annual reports. Ida Ljungkvist, Head of Sustainability Application and Operations offers a “state of the nation” assessment of the current reporting landscape, how we got here, and how sustainability reporting trends are expected to evolve going forward.

Date uploaded: 17/01/2015
THE 50 BREAKTHROUGHS - LIGTT, Institute for Globally Transformative Technologies.

Across the 9 areas covered in this study, we have identified 50 breakthroughs which can make a substantial difference to the lives of the poor, especially those living in South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. Not surprisingly, many of these breakthroughs address issues in multiple areas of this study (and are colour coded accordingly; colour key below). In some cases, several individual—but related— breakthroughs have been consolidated into one which is more expansive. While it is difficult to rank these 50 in terms of their relative importance, we have identified a list of top 10. These ‘top 10’ are in no particular order of importance; neither are the rest. Over and above these 50, we also mention here a particular breakthrough that repeatedly emerged as a cross-cutting theme, taking our total tally in this list to 51.

Granite Sustainability Report 2014
Date uploaded: 18/12/2014
Granite Sustainability Report 2014

"At its very core, sustainability is about people—maintaining and improving quality of life while contributing to the success of generations to follow. It represents the intersection of economic
prosperity and social responsibility and how those forces align to meet social and environmental challenges. It means providing great places for people to work and finding better ways of doing
things not just accepting the status quo. Undoubtedly, significant challenges lay ahead, but by recognizing what is at stake and engaging our employees, we can be part of the solution."

Waste Management 2014 Sustainability Report
Date uploaded: 16/12/2014
Waste Management 2014 Sustainability Report

"Our last report focused on “Embracing the Zero Waste Challenge.” This year we’re looking more to the here and now while maintaining sight of that challenge. We’re focusing on the hard choices confronting our customers, our company and others who want to get to zero waste. The environmental service industry plays a critical role in preserving global natural resources. One of the great benefits of recycling is its value to the global good. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that the 87 million tons of municipal solid waste recycled and composted in 2012 saved more than 1.1 quadrillion BTUs of energy enough to power 10 million households for a year. These life cycle savings from recycling are seen throughout the value chain, from the trees that are preserved to the barrels of oil avoided. Our role in conserving resources is a point of pride because of Waste Management’s aspiration to hand the planet to the next generation in better condition than when we received it. It’s also an achievement our customers share when we collaborate."

GS1 - Collectively defining sustainability for product categories
Date uploaded: 11/12/2014
GS1 - Collectively defining sustainability for product categories.

Improving product sustainability is a key task and major goal for businesses today – particularly for those in the consumer goods industry. Many businesses have already developed extensive internal sustainability strategies and can provide information on the status and progress of their work on product sustainability. To improve product sustainability across the board, companies need to have access to harmonised approaches that can be scaled to fit different retailers and manufacturers. The solutions must also be affordable, not overly complex, and deliver results that are sufficiently comparable and credible.

Biophilic Design in the Workplace
Date uploaded: 03/12/2014
Human Spaces - Biophilic Design in the Workplace

"As work psychologists we have an enduring interest in both the individual and environmental factors that influence business outcomes. In particular, the interaction between an individual and their work environment can be a crucial determinant of both an employee’s success and happiness in his or her role. The concept of biophilia highlights an innate connection between humans and nature, which more recently has been recognised as a key consideration when designing and developing workspaces. The idea of incorporating nature into the built environment through biophilic design is less often seen as a luxury in the modern
workplace, but rather as a sound economic investment into employees’ health, well-being and performance."

CA Technologies 2013 Sustainability Executive Summary
Date uploaded: 25/11/2014
CA Technologies 2013 Sustainability Executive Summary

"We provide our customers with the control they need, making the promise of flexible IT and agile business a reality. And we enable them to shift nimbly to support changing business models. After all, companies around the globe must do more with less if they are to thrive in the triple-bottom-line business environment of people, planet, profit."

PCH Sustainability Report 2013
Date uploaded: 25/11/2014
PCH Sustainability Report 2013

"As a member of the United Nations Global Compact we commit to communicate our Sustainability Progress on an annual basis. Our 2013 Report was written in accordance with Global Reporting Initiative G4 guidelines at the Core level.

Our reports are for all of the people that PCH touches: our employees, suppliers, clients, communities and the broader electronics industry. In committing to publishing an annual sustainability report, and by measuring our social, environmental and economic impact (along with their financial implications), we are pushing ourselves even further to be transparent about our operations and communicate our initiatives – both the successes and the areas for improvement."

Sandbag - Vanquish the surplus and rescue the ETS
Date uploaded: 19/11/2014
Sandbag - Vanquish the surplus and rescue the ETS - The Environmental Outlook for the EU Emissions Trading Scheme.

"2013 was an interesting year in the history of the European Emissions Trading Scheme. This, our 6th report into the state of the ETS, looks at some of the major changes that began last year, their
impact and what they might mean for the future of the scheme. It may come as no surprise that our overriding concern remains the monstrous surplus of allowances continuing to build up in the scheme, blocking the cost-effective path to reduced emissions. Even with the welcome recent policy changes, the allocation of allowances under the current cap continues to be higher than demand, and the surplus is growing day by day. By 2020 structural changes we are already witnessing in the power sector, coupled with continued reductions in industrial emissions, could see the surplus double from today’s level to over 4 billion tonnes. Clearly something needs to be done, or we might as well ditch any pretence that the ETS is capable of driving positive change in Europe’s journey to decarbonise its economy."

Samsung Sustainability Report 2014
Date uploaded: 13/11/2014
Samsung Sustainability Report 2014

"About This Report - At Samsung Electronics, we firmly believe that we can deliver the best value by protecting the environment and improving social conditions of the communities in which we operate while generating a positive financial performance. This is the seventh Sustainability Report issued by Samsung Electronics and is intended to communicate our sustainability efforts and performance with our stakeholders."

Coca Cola 2013/14 Sustainability Report
Date uploaded: 12/11/2014
Coca Cola 2013/14 Sustainability Report

"Sustainability is at the heart of our business. And as a business, we know that sustainability efforts are themselves only sustainable when they help our enterprise grow and prosper. Indeed, we believe this work must be integral to our mission of refreshing the world, inspiring moments of optimism and happiness, creating value and making a difference."

Human Spaces - The Infographic
Date uploaded: 11/11/2014
Human Spaces - The Infographic

Some fascinating insights into the world of biophilic design, visualised.

"63% of EMEA office workers are now based in either a town or a city centre"

Human Spaces - Biophilic Design In The Workplace
Date uploaded: 10/11/2014
Human Spaces - Biophilic Design In The Workplace

The concept of biophilia highlights an innate connection between humans and nature, which more recently has been recognised as a key consideration when designing and developing workspaces. The idea of incorporating nature into the built environment through biophilic design is less often seen as a luxury in the modern workplace, but rather as a sound economic investment into employees’ health, well-being and performance.

Slides from SITRA talk - Radical Sustainability Is Possible
Date uploaded: 03/11/2014
Here are my slides from a recent talk I did with SITRA. They wrote an article to follow up which is here -

"Interface is a US-based carpet tile company. Not a very sexy business, one might think. However, companies from all kinds of industries look up to them as a pioneer in sustainability. Since 1994, Interface has been on Mission Zero, transforming its business towards carbon neutrality. They want to show that sustainability and profitability can go hand in hand. The company promises to have eliminated any negative impact they may have on the environment by 2020. Wow, a tough target."

Kingspan Energy - CUTTING COSTS
Date uploaded: 28/10/2014

"Welcome to this study on the potential cost savings commercial rooftop solar photovoltaics (PV) offers to UK plc. The case for commercial rooftop solar PV has so far rested primarily on the green credentials of the technology. The lack of a definitive case for short-term return on investment on the capital costs of installing rooftop PV has been a barrier to widespread uptake."

HEINEKEN Asia Pacific - Sustainability Report 2013
Date uploaded: 20/10/2014
HEINEKEN Asia Pacific - Sustainability Report 2013

"Today, our footprint spans across 20 countries in this region, operating 24 breweries with approximately 8,000 employees in our care. We are now one Company with a combined, bigger brand portfolio of many well-loved beer brands. Despite our strong regional presence, we recognise that stable, growing local economies are fundamental to our long-term business success. For HEINEKEN Asia Pacific to achieve consistent business growth, we must prioritise and commit to earning the trust of all our stakeholders, the sustainable use of environmental resources, investing in communities and responsible consumption."

IEA Africa Energy Outlook
Date uploaded: 16/10/2014
IEA Africa Energy Outlook - Access To Electricity In Sub-Saharan Africa

"The International Energy Agency (IEA), an autonomous agency, was established in November 1974. Its primary mandate was – and is – two-fold: to promote energy security amongst its member countries through collective response to physical disruptions in oil supply, and provide authoritative research and analysis on ways to ensure reliable, affordable and clean energy for its 29 member countries and beyond. The IEA carries out a comprehensive programme of energy co-operation among its member countries, each of which is obliged to hold oil stocks equivalent to 90 days of its net imports."

Coca-Cola Sustainability Report 2013/14
Date uploaded: 14/10/2014
Coca-Cola Sustainability Report 2013/14

"As a company and a worldwide system that includes our bottling partners,
Coca-Cola is committed to creating value for the communities we proudly serve and the planet we all share. Sustainability is at the heart of our business. And as a business, we know that sustainability efforts are themselves only sustainable when they help our enterprise grow and prosper. Indeed, we believe this work must be integral to our mission of refreshing the world, inspiring moments of optimism and happiness, creating value and making a difference. As a result, we’ve chosen to focus our leadership on three areas of fundamental importance to our business—areas where we believe we have the best opportunity to make a lasting positive difference. We call them the “Three Ws”: Women, Water and Well-Being. We also continue to implement sustainability programs across other areas of our operations. We know that we don’t have all the answers, all the access or all the know-how. On the contrary, we believe that, in a world of great challenges and even greater opportunities, we must work side by side with our bottling and industry partners, non-governmental organizations, universities, government agencies and others."

Wal-Mart 2014 Sustainability Report
Date uploaded: 09/10/2014
Wal-Mart 2014 Sustainability Report - So Many Opportunities To Make A Diffference.

"To tackle environmental and social issues, we’ve created Sustainable Value Networks (SVNs), which are global networks of Walmart merchants, operators and finance leaders. For example, we’ve set up SVNs in food and agriculture, softlines, general merchandise, consumables, energy and facilities, transportation, waste and women’s economic empowerment, among others. SVNs draw on Walmart experience as well as expertise from suppliers, academia, governments and NGOs to set aspirations and define initiatives across our markets and product value chains. Example initiatives include fleet efficiency, chemicals, sustainable seafood, factory energy efficiency, factory safety, sourcing from women-owned businesses and product reformulations across our Great Value™ private-label brand and many national brands."

UK Unit Cost Database - New Economy
Date uploaded: 03/10/2014
Unit Cost Database - Govt. spend in the UK per person per year - New Economy

"This unit cost database brings together more than 600 cost estimates in a single place, most of which are national costs derived from government reports and academic studies. The costs cover crime, education & skills, employment & economy, fire, health, housing and social services. The derivation of the costs and the calculations underpinning them have been quality assured by New Economy in co-operation with HM Government. These costs can be used to inform proposals for the implementation of new interventions, the redesign of public services or their evaluation. Having access to such information helps project managers to forecast the costs and benefits associated with their programme or project, prior to the undertaking of more detailed Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA)."

AGE OF EXPERIMENTS - How states and regions are developing the next generation of climate and energy policies
Date uploaded: 30/09/2014
Climate Group and Rockerfeller Brothers Fund - AGE OF EXPERIMENTS

"Current national policies to address climate change are falling short. But state and regional governments are developing a new
generation of policies to meet the challenge. Over the past two decades, the world has looked to national governments to confront the risks posed by a changing climate. But to date, those collective efforts have been insufficient. An international treaty mandating ambitious greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions from all major nations has proved unworkable. And according to the International Energy Agency, current national policies have global average temperatures on track to rise as high as 5.3 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels by the end of the century – far beyond the 2-degree increase identified by scientists as the threshold for avoiding dangerous climate change."

Greendex 2014: Consumer Choice and the Environment – A Worldwide Tracking Survey
Date uploaded: 23/09/2014
Greendex 2014: Consumer Choice and the Environment – A Worldwide Tracking Survey

"National Geographic conducted its inaugural Greendex survey in January 2008. That first Greendex survey of 14 countries around the world ranked average consumers in those countries according to the environmental sustainability of their behavior. National Geographic replicated these studies in 2009, 2010, 2012 and now again in 2014 to track progress or the lack thereof. Consistently , consumers in the large developing economies of India and China have scored highest, although this year South Korea has moved into third place before Brazil. Canadians and Americans, with their relatively massive environmental footprints as individuals, continue to score lowest."

Volans - Interface the Untold Story of Mission Zero in Europe
Date uploaded: 19/09/2014
Volans - Interface the Untold Story of Mission Zero in Europe

"In what follows, we mainly focus on how Interface used its ‘Mission Zero’ strategy, first launched 20 years ago, to give sustainability traction. But we also begin to explore how the company and its evolving business ecosystems
might move beyond zero-based targets to the system-change side of the sustainability challenge. Our hope is that the lessons learned will help inspire and guide other business leaders considering whether to adopt more ambitious targets."

CISL/CLG - New Climate Economy
Date uploaded: 18/09/2014
CISL/CLG - New Climate Economy Report

"A short and relevant summary of the recently launched New Climate Economy synthesis report has been released by the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership and The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group.

The succinct briefing is prepared with a business audience in mind and highlights the key points of the report: that the next 15 years are crucial, there are major opportunities for economic systems such as cities, land use, and energy, and that economic growth and action on climate change can be achieved together."

Guardian - Living our Values 2014 Performance
Date uploaded: 12/09/2014
Guardian - Living our Values 2014 Performance

"What does sustainability mean? These days it is used to describe everything from lifestyles to forests. At Guardian News & Media (GNM), we have been thinking about what it means to us and have distilled it down to three things: being independent editorially and financially; being environmentally responsible; being committed to social justice. These sustainability aims are underpinned by our values of: honesty, cleanness (integrity), courage, fairness, a sense of duty to the reader and the community."

Krakow Smog Alert Report Timeline
Date uploaded: 11/09/2014
Bankwatch - Krakow Smog Report

"Air pollution in Krakow poses a significant danger to human health and life. Krakow’s poisoned air includes amongst
other things: particulate matter, benzo(a)pyrene and nitrogen dioxide. The city has been rated amongst the most polluted in the world in a World Health Organiation (WHO) study. In the report, Krakow was ranked 8th among 575 cities for levels of PM 2.5 and 145th among 1100 cities for levels of PM 10. Hazardous air quality is a common problem particularly during the colder months when many residents use solid fuels (mostly coal) for household heating. Burning these fuels in heating appliances releases many pollutants into the air."

Strauss Group Sustainability Report 2013
Date uploaded: 02/09/2014
Strauss Group Sustainability Report 2013

"Improving lives" is the theme that runs through this Sustainability Report as we continue to be Driven by Responsibility to make a positive contribution to people, society and the planet. This is our seventh annual Sustainability Report and it represents our continuing commitment to do business that creates economic, social and environmental value for all those we reach. "Improving lives" refers to the way we create more food, nutrition and beverage options for consumers and support consumers that want to lead healthy lifestyles. We believe that sustainable business growth, rooted in our responsible approach to business, will help us do even more in the future to contribute to improving lives."

Solar Power On The Rise
Date uploaded: 31/08/2014
Union of Concerned Scientists - Solar Power On The Rise.

"Solar power - clean, reliable, and increasingly affordable is experiencing remarkable growth across the United States and is transforming how and where we produce the electricity vital to modern society. Today’s electricity system suffers from a number of critical problems related to the environmental and health effects of extracting and burning fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas, and the volatility of fossil fuel prices."

Kellogg Global Sustainability 2020 Commitments
Date uploaded: 28/08/2014
Kellogg - Global Sustainability 2020 Commitments

"Our renewed commitment to sustainability is at the core of our values and will help us continue enriching the world through foods and brands that matter. With our new 2020 commitments, we’ll support the livelihoods of individuals, families and communities that rely on us and on whom we depend. We’ll go further to conserve natural resources where we source and produce our foods. We will use the stories generated from these efforts to connect with our consumers."

Corporate social responsibility: beyond financials - Grant Thornton
Date uploaded: 26/08/2014
Corporate social responsibility: beyond financials

"Investor calls for transparency and the rise of social media have thrust the impact businesses have on the economy, the environment and society more firmly into the public spotlight. Drawing on more than 2,500 interviews with business leaders in 34 economies through our International Business Report (IBR), insight from the leading children’s charity UNICEF and Grant Thornton leaders, this report looks at what companies are doing to make their operations more sustainable and why, and considers the role integrated reporting can play in improving transparency and decision making."

Vermilion Energy Sustainability Report 2013
Date uploaded: 15/08/2014

"OUR SUSTAINABILITY VISION - As a responsible oil and gas producer, Vermilion Energy Inc. consistently delivers long-term shareholder value by operating in an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable manner that is recognized by our stakeholders as a model in our industry."

McKinsey Global Survey - Sustainability’s strategic worth
Date uploaded: 11/08/2014
McKinsey Global Survey - Sustainability’s strategic worth.

"Company leaders are rallying behind sustainability, and executives overall believe the issue is increasingly important to their companies’ strategy. But as it continues to grow into a core business issue, challenges to capturing its full value lie ahead. These are among the key findings from our most recent McKinsey survey on the topic, which asked respondents about the actions their companies are taking to address environmental, social, or governance issues, the practices they use to manage sustainability, and the value at stake."

Creating Resilient Strategies by Corporate Citizenship
Date uploaded: 04/08/2014
"Creating Resilient Strategies" - European Report from Corporate Citizenship

There are 2 others on the site - SE Asia and North America. "We carried out interviews with 16 companies in North America, Western Europe and Singapore. In some companies we interviewed two people, specifically a director with sustainability responsibilities and a senior executive closely involved with, or leading strategy. In other companies the interviewee had an involvement in both areas, and in some cases the person was focused purely on sustainability. In order to obtain free and frank responses, interviews were conducted on a non-attributable basis. Our research covers many sectors as well as geographies. All the companies are multinational and almost all are publicly listed. Some are award winning in recognising the wider societal context and developing successful products or brands as a result." -

Tyson Foods 2013 Sustainability Report
Date uploaded: 01/08/2014
Tyson Sustainability Report 2103 - written by Tyson

Synopsis: Completed the final Stage Two Geographic Water Risk Assessment for all of U.S. operations to gauge ongoing water conservation efforts. (Partner: University of Arkansas). Established waste reduction processes at some pork plants that saved the equivalent of 13,000 trees, 4.6 million kilowatt hours, and more. (Partner: Waste Management, Inc.). Replaced diesel powered refrigeration units at some of our plants with electric storage-unit trailers to save 94,000 gallons of fuel per year. Completed 225 audits in Fiscal Year 2013 at independent pork farms that supply us as part of FarmCheck™ program. Expanded FarmCheck™ program to include poultry farms and are working to expand to cattle farms. Introduced 68 new products for K-12 school meals that meet revised school meal nutritional standards.

UPS 2013 Corporate Sustainability Report
Date uploaded: 30/07/2014
UPS 2013 Corporate Sustainability Report

Excerpt from 3BL - UPS® releases its 12th annual Sustainability Report. In this latest report, UPS is announcing that in addition to reducing overall carbon emissions in 2013, the company also met its 2016 goal of reducing its air and ground fleet's carbon intensity by 10 percent three years early. Thus, the company has set a new goal to achieve a 20 percent reduction in carbon intensity from transportation by 2020.

The report outlines the company's "Committed to More™" approach to sustainability, highlighting the continued achievement of the company's greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction goals as well as the measurable impact from its humanitarian initiatives.

Low Carbon Energy Union Infographic
Date uploaded: 21/07/2014
Low Carbon Energy Union - Targeting: Security, Climate, Jobs & Growth from THE GREEN GROWTH PLATFORM

For further information and the full document please see:
Sources: European Commission, IEA, OECD.

Growing a circular economy - Ending the throwaway society
Date uploaded: 18/07/2014
House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee - Growing a circular economy - Ending the throwaway society.

"The current way our economy consumes resources is not sustainable. A ‘linear’ approach where materials are extracted, made into a product, used and discarded wastes valuable resources and damages the environment. In addition, increasing levels of consumption in developing countries will put ever more pressure on the prices of materials and subsequent costs for businesses and consumers. A ‘circular’ approach of re-using resources, maximising their value over time, makes environmental and economic sense. There are potentially billions of pounds of benefits for businesses across the economy by becoming more resource efficient."

Wasted opportunities: smarter systems for resource recovery
Date uploaded: 17/07/2014
Green Alliance report - Wasted opportunities.

UK recycling policy has stalled. Our outdated, expensive, stagnating system wastes £1.7 billion in resource value every year, and stymies companies who want to invest in and source recycled content from the UK. For this report, the second from the Circular Economy Task Force, we have researched how a better system, focused on realising value in materials, could work. We advocate two ways government could address the structural factors blocking a more circular economy for discarded materials from emerging in the UK, and how this could unlock opportunities for remanufacturing and reuse.

Resource Efficiency Opportunities In The Building Sector
Date uploaded: 04/07/2014

"The construction and use of buildings in the EU account for about half of all our extracted materials and energy consumption and about a third of our water consumption. The sector also generates about one third of all waste and is associated with environmental pressures that arise at different stages of a building's life-cycle including the manufacturing of construction products, building construction, use, renovation and the management of building waste." -

Advisory Council I: Report to Ministers Energy Security & the 2030 Climate & Energy Package
Date uploaded: 12/06/2014
Advisory Council I: Report to Ministers Energy Security & the 2030 Climate & Energy Package. The Big Picture: A Low Carbon Energy Union Targets Security, Climate, Jobs & Growth.

The European Union (EU) is at a crossroads; it can create a competitive Europe-wide energy system that responds to energy security and climate concerns whilst stimulating job creation and growth, or it can become increasingly un-competitive, strangled by high energy imports (the EU imports 53% of the energy it consumes) and an underinvested, underperforming energy system. The EU’s negative trade balance is largely due to its very high imports of fossil fuels rather than a lack of industrial competitiveness in its manufacturing sectors. In fact, despite the economic crisis, Member States have shown that energy independence and investments in renewables can reduce national trade deficits.

How life cycle assessment can align your stars
Date uploaded: 07/09/2012
Opinion - How life cycle assessment can align your stars.

The idea of life cycle assessment (LCA) has been around since the 1970s, but companies are only just beginning to tap into its real potential. At InterfaceFLOR, over the last few years we’ve realised the truly transformative effect of embracing LCA as a strategic tool. It’s helping us change the way we approach sustainability, providing a common language across the whole company and helping everyone work together to focus on solutions for the same key challenges... Written by Ramon from Interface

Transparency at work - The magic that changed the car industry
Date uploaded: 07/09/2012
Report - Transparency at work - The magic that changed the car industry.

It’s not often that the motor industry can be vaunted as a sustainability success story. Yet, involuntarily – thanks to European Union (EU) regulatory leadership – it is becoming a great case study of how other sectors can make progress towards their environmental objectives. This is all down to the use of a ‘magic metric’ – a single piece of data that has the power to galvanise legislation at all levels to create a level playing field that promotes strong competition and
innovation to redesign products to reduce their environmental footprint... Written by Ramon from Interface

Resource efficiency
Date uploaded: 07/09/2012
Opinion - Resource efficiency.

There’s a growing global consensus that we’re at a crossroads on the environment. Not only do we face the increasingly urgent challenge of climate change, but we are also witnessing unprecedented demands on energy and fuel, water and material resource scarcity, huge population and life expectancy growth, concerns about food security, and a growing consumerism in the East that is putting an added strain on the global store of raw materials... Written by Ramon from Interface

The future of reporting
Date uploaded: 07/09/2012
Opinion - The future of reporting.

Good corporate reporting is based on the principles of accountability and transparency. When reporting on sustainability, this transparency is greatest when focused at product level. After a decade of corporate responsibility (CR), full product transparency heralds a new era for reporting. With many – and often most – environmental impacts occurring outside a company’s boundaries, extending reporting from the narrow confines of a company’s own operations to the wider effects of the products it sells demonstrates superior accountability. This is the ultimate in transparency. It is also of greater relevance to most stakeholders, who are more interested in a company’s products than its facilities... Written by Ramon from Interface