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Will we meet our “Mission Zero” 2020 target ?

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I think so !

This summer, it’ll be nine years that I’ve been working for Interface and I have to admit that I’ve never got bored, not even for a single day! I’ve always worked in the marketing and communication department with a “sustainability hat” on or looking through sustainability glasses.

Interface is truly walking the talk. It puts sustainability at the core of its strategy and knocks down the status quo every day, which means that there are changes and developments in the company all the time. Every commercial, marketing, design or innovation decision made is based on sustainability, and with one goal: to have no negative impact on the environment by the year 2020. At Interface, we’re not working, we’re on a mission! Mission Zero.

Mission Zero logo

Throughout the previous nine years things have accelerated… and fast! The last two years have seen giant steps in terms of lowering our biggest environmental impact : the yarn we use in our products.

In 2011 we were the first carpet manufacturer to launch a product with 100% recycled yarn with Biosfera. In the late ‘90s, nylon manufacturers told us that it was impossible to recycle polyamide. Today, not only do they recycle polyamide 6 but they also buy different kinds of polyamide 6 waste like fishing nets or carpet fibre, as a secondary raw material to supply their factory and reproduce nylon yarn.

With our ReEntry 2.0 machine, we have become the supplier of our supplier. This machine enables us to separate the yarn and the backing from the end-of-life carpet tiles. The polyamide 6 yarn is then recycled into new yarn and the backing into new backing.

Sans titre-1

With our Net-Works project in the Philippines, we have partnered with an NGO to establish a community based supply chain for discarded nets. This will improve the livelihood of local fishermen, whilst providing Interface with an innovative source of recycled materials for its carpet tiles.  Again, we become supplier of our supplier. Have you ever seen a carpet manufacturer acting in this way?

And finally I am going to give you another example to show how we are striving to reach our goal: I said we were the first to launch a carpet tile with 100% recycled yarn in 2011… two years later, I’m quite proud to say that our range of 100% recycled yarn products has been expanded and we now have 368 colours available in our portfolio.AN explosion of colours

One more thing.. did you know that 49% of our global raw materials are either recycled or bio-based with the aim for 2020 to be 100%.

As I told you, we’re on a Mission!


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