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Why carpet tiles are increasingly even more popular.

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Interesting entry looking back at what carpet tiles are increasingly the flooring of choice by architects and designers.

The mention sustainability and design as the two biggest reasons.

They give InterfaceFLOR the credit for the random design, based on biomimicry but they fail to mention that we also invented carpet tiles and pioneered sustainability in the sector in 1994.

Read the full article here: Carpet Tile’s Commercial Landscape

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The Positive Floor from InterfaceFLOR

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Last week was the Milan Design Week which attracts over 300,000 people globally as the showcase for design.

It was the first time we have ever really focused on it as a major event.

Our space was listed in all the Milan Design Week guides as a key place to visit.

The Positive Floor” designed by Francesco Maria Bandini is a ground-breaking concept that guides visitors through the latest innovation in interior design and interpretation of space: “we will take people’s perception of flooring and turn it on its head”.

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Happy 38th Birthday to InterfaceFLOR

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Original post from the InterfaceFLOR blog

Back in 1973, Ray Anderson founded Carpets International, a new company that would offer free-lay carpet for commercial office spaces in the United States. 38 years later, we’ve grown into a global company with a sustainability mission recognized across the globe.

InterfaceFLOR has always been about the future. When Ray Anderson staked his career on the idea of modular carpet tile in the ’70s, it was a square idea in a broadloom world but even he didn’t realize how dramatically we would shape the future of the industry.

Over the years we’ve evolved our approach to design and developed innovative manufacturing processes to reduce waste and eliminate toxins from our products and facilities. And we’ve pioneered new ways to reuse valuable resources. We see the infinite design possibilities of carpet tile and they’re inherently tied to our Mission ZeroTM promise – to completely eliminate any negative impact we may have on the environment by 2020.

Learn more about our history here

Interesting facts about telework

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A very interesting report from The Telework Network Exchange and Cisco about the teleworking.

Among the interesting facts I’d pick the following:

  • If all full-time wage and salary workers in the US teleworked 2 days a week, they would save $215 billion.
  • 60% of organizations say their management team is more open to and encouraging of telework vs. one year ago
  • 76% of participants say they accomplished more while teleworking
  • On average, teleworking two days per week translates to an $3,439 annual raise
  • 68% of Gen Y participants say that, when they consider future positions, they will give preference to positions that offer telework.

Read the whole report here

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First LEED Gold certified building in Egypt by HSBC. Of course with InterfaceFLOR carpet in it

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We are happy to announce that the First Leed gold certified building in Egypt and Africa has been achieved with InterfaceFlor carpet!

For more on this please see the following links:

HSBC Bank Egypt Global Service Centre

New Sustainable Buildings, Egypt and Canada

HSBC Bank Egypt Global Service Centre becomes the first LEED certified project in all of Africa

Cultural Immersion days at our factory in Holland

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We are organising another cultural immersion day at our factory in Scherpenzeel, the Netherlands for the June 9th and 10th.

These allows participants to immerse themselves in the Interface culture and interact with our managers. The topics that we will cover include:
• Mission Zero and the business cases of sustainability
• The power of sustainable design and innovation
• Green Transport
• Sustainability at operations and Close-loops models
• Aligning internal and external comms
• Creating an Strengh-based culture

We have a maximum number of 30 places available.

Happy Birthday WWF

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This year WWF will celebrate their 50th Birthday.

As part of their 50th anniversary, they asked 50 business and thought leaders to share their thoughts on how ‘business can drive transformational change towards a sustainable future’.

Click the image below to be directed to these videos.

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Shale gas ‘worse than coal’ for climate

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Interesting article in the BBC about the last research which raises the issue that shale gas might be emitting more CO2 than coal.

The study talks about the methane released when the shale is exploited.

My view: we need more research

Also it would be good to know whether this is genuine academic research with no agenda or whether this has been sponsored by the coal industry or other forms of energy.

Read the full article here: Shale gas ‘worse than coal’ for climate

Image Source: BBC

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Carbon offsets in perspective part 5: Avoid back-door philanthropy

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It has taken more than ten years to achieve general acceptance that responsible business cannot be achieved by philanthropy alone. The correct focus is on how companies earn their profits. Most CEOs understand this.

Now along come the offsetters, dangling free social benefits with each tonne of carbon purchased. The comms teams love it, but is this really the way to tackle carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere – mixed in with community health and development?

We can’t allow offsets becoming philanthropy 2.0.

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